We provide individualized, client-centered services and support community outreach focused on end-of-life planning.

We support and advocate for an informed, death-centric community of individuals and families who are adequately prepared for the final stage of life.

Why work with us

Supportive Guidance

We provide supportive guidance by prioritizing our commitment to inclusivity and cultural awareness.

Client Experience

We strive for quality client experiences by remaining focused on respect, honesty, and effective communication.

Collaboration & Teamwork

We encourage collaboration and teamwork with other community programs to efficiently achieve client goals.



The foundation for a healthy and productive relationship with clients is formed through clear and concise communication, always providing accurate information, and maintaining professional tone and courtesies.


Embrace the community's differences, contributions, and the need for growth by continuously seeking and sharing new ideas and knowledge from all reputable sources while humbly maintaining integrity and transparency.


The willingness and ability to transform ourselves in order to serve unmet needs in the community and navigate assistance with changing cultural needs and social environments.


Life is terminal. We all know it. 

Yet countless numbers of humans have faced a health crisis (their own or a loved one’s) and found themselves under-prepared and vastly overwhelmed by the seemingly insurmountable amount of tasks and decisions set before them.

In an effort to support the unmet needs in the community and encourage more death positive conversations Summit Care Partners facilitates workshops, classes, and informational sessions for individuals, families, and groups who are interested in preparing for their final stage of life.