Guided Autobiography

Guided Autobiography is a writing method developed to assist people to tell their stories and in turn, interconnect themselves to their past and future generations. A certified instructor leads participants through different writing exercises and themes to create a short story that is shared with the group the following week. Connecting with others in a group setting allows people to strengthen their appreciation for diversity, shared experiences, and communication.

Emory University published an article in 2020 that states, “Standardized measures showed that children in the families that told the more coherent family narratives had better self-esteem, higher levels of social competence, higher quality friendships, and less anxiety and stress. They also had fewer behavioral problems, as reported by parents.”

Guided Autobiography is not therapy, but therapeutic advantages include self-discovery and acceptance, forgiveness, and increased understanding of their friends, family, and community.

Guided Autobiography is an adaptable program that can be scaled to the needs of your group. Immersive and meaningful experiences can be accomplished in workshops as little as 6 weeks long, meeting once a week. While small groups are at the foundation of the coursework, individual writing workshops are also available.

Ethical Wills/Legacy Letters

Legacy letters, also referred to as ethical wills are short, reflective pieces of writing. Legacy letters offer an opportunity to take inventory of personal accomplishments, life experiences, values, and beliefs, and pass on curated messages to people in one’s life. Participants are given the tools and space needed to identify strengths, apologize for mistakes, ask for or give forgiveness, and communicate wishes and hopes to those closest to them.

Legacy letters allow people to live with more intention while they teach and inspire loved ones with their reflections on the past and hopes for the future. As younger generations learn from older generations, they become better equipped to navigate life’s challenges and take advantage of new opportunities.

Individualized Legacy Projects

Let’s put your plan in motion! If you’re interested in creating a project to pass on to your loved ones that reflects your memories, values, and/or beliefs, and need some help organizing and executing your ideas, we can help assist with an individualized approach to telling your story.

Depending on personal goals, an individualized legacy project might incorporate video and voice recordings, photographs, family recipes, and other mediums to create a truly unique legacy.

Services are provided on a sliding scale and range from $30-65/hour.

Please contact us about group rates for classes and workshops for your organization.